October 19, 2021

The city is a large and permanent human settlement. Historically, in Europe, cities have meant urbanized units in the center of which is, or was, most often a cathedral or church and the city center, which usually houses the medieval city walls. According to the valid laws on territorial organization in Serbia, BiH and Montenegro, the term city refers exclusively to the type of local self-government unit. With almost two million inhabitants, Belgrade is by far the largest city in the countries of the former Yugoslavia, it is twice as big as Zagreb, in terms of population it is almost like the whole of Slovenia and Northern Macedonia. Moscow is the largest city in Europe, in terms of population, followed by New York in North America and Mexico City, then Sao Paulo in South America, Lagos in Africa and Cairo which is not in sub-Saharan Africa, Sydney in Australia, while in Asia, has the most super million cities, such as Tokyo, Shanghai, Beijing, Mumbai, Delhi, Jakarta .. There is a term by which cities are meant throughout the history of the city, as well as theoretical and utopian cities. Cities generally have complex systems for sanitation, utilities, land use, housing, and transportation. Concentration of development greatly facilitates the interaction between people and businesses, sometimes to the benefit of both parties, but also poses a challenge for managing urban growth. A large city or metropolis usually has associated suburbs and suburban towns. Such cities are usually connected to metropolitan areas and urban areas, creating the need for masses of people to travel to urban centers every day for work. When a city is large enough to reach another city, that region can be considered a conurbation or a megalopolis. According to some sources, Damascus is the oldest city in the world. In terms of population, the largest city is Tokyo, while the fastest growing city is Dubai.

Origin of the name

City as an urban whole

The city is an urban environment, ie. settlement with all the characteristics of an urbanized, cultivated settlement and urban facilities that define it: (paved or paved) streets, squares, city districts, parts of the city, parks and gardens, promenades, city promenade and main city street, in

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