Mediana City Municipality


October 19, 2021

The municipality of Mediana is a city municipality of the city of Nis. It was created in 2002 and includes a part of the settlement of Nis and the place Brzi Brod. The part of the settlement of Nis located in this city municipality includes the following local communities: Median They want a tower Božidar Adžija Mija Stanimirović Filip Kljajić Taskovic brothers Chair Obilic's wreath Dusko Radovic The total number of inhabitants in these two places, part of the settlement of Nis and the settlement of Brzi Brod, is 87,405 according to the census of 2002 and according to the number of inhabitants it is the largest municipality in Nis. It is one of the smallest in Serbia in terms of area and it is only 16 km². According to the number of inhabitants, it belongs to the larger municipalities in Serbia. The municipality stretches mainly between the railway Nis-Dimitrovgrad and the river Nisava, thus encompassing the central core of the city. Significant institutions City administration, with accompanying services Municipal and Commercial Court Kalča Shopping Center Business centers "Ambassador" and "Dusanov bazaar" Main Post Office Building Sports and recreation center "Chair" with playgrounds, park, hall and swimming pools "Niš Express" Cathedral Clinical Center, Military Hospital, Health Center Shopping centers "Zone" 1, 2 and 3. Boško Buha Market

Educational institutions

Faculty of Economics Faculty of Law medical School Faculty of Philosophy The first high school in Nis "Stevan Sremac" Bora Stanković High School Gymnasium „9. May " Administrative and bureaucratic school Electrical Engineering School "Mija Stanimirović" Economic School Medical School Cultural institutions National Theatre Puppet theater The National Museum National Library Radio Nis TV-5 Nis Television Banker TV "Narodne Novine" On the territory of the City Municipality of Mediana, there is an archeological site of Mediana and the famous monument of Ćele Kula, as well as the Cathedral in Niš.


Cultural and sports facilities, located on the territory of the Municipality of Mediana Nis - Municipality of Mediana

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