Here is Morales


July 1, 2022

Juan Evo Morales Aima (Spanish: Juan Evo Morales Aima; Isalavi, October 26, 1959) is a former president of Bolivia. He participated in the presidential elections in 2005 and received an absolute majority of votes in the first round (54%). Morales is a leftist, leader of the Bolivian Cocaleros (coca growers). Morales is the leader of the MAS (Movement for Socialism) party.


Morales was born into a family of the Aymara ethnic group in Orinoco, a mining town in Oruro. In the early eighties, his family migrated to the tropical plains of eastern Bolivia. They settled in Chapare where they engaged in agriculture, among other things, growing coca. During the economic reforms of the 1990s, former miners began to grow coca and contribute to the growth of Bolivia's role in the production and smuggling of drugs. The leader of the Cocaleros, Morales, was elected to parliament in 1997 as a representative of Chapare province. He got 70% of the votes in the province. In the 2002 elections, Morales came second, a disturbing surprise for the traditional Bolivian parties. His success was celebrated by the native population throughout South America. Morales achieved relative success despite the comments of the US ambassador directed against him during the election campaign. Later, Morales claimed that the negative campaign actually helped him because it "awakened the conscience of the people." Due to great discontent and unrest among the people, the Bolivian Congress decided to hold the elections planned for 2007 in December 2005. He was the overwhelming winner of this election, with 54% of the vote. On November 10, 2019, he resigned following mass protests in the country due to rigged elections.


A quote: "The greatest enemy of humanity is capitalism." It causes rebellions like ours, rebellions against the system, against the neoliberal model that represents wild capitalism. If the whole world does not recognize this reality, nation-states will not be able to provide minimum conditions for health, education and nutrition, and then every day basic human rights are violated."Morales often mentions that the Free Trade Area of ​​America, established by the US, represent "agreement legalizing the colonization of America" Morales expressed his admiration for Rigoberto Mench