1987 European Basketball Championship.


August 11, 2022

The 1987 European Basketball Championship is the 25th European Basketball Championship for men, which took place from 3 to 14 June 1987 in Greece. The host of all matches was the Stadium of Peace and Friendship in Athens. Greek representative Nikos Galis was the most valuable player of the tournament (MVP), as well as the best scorer with an average of 37 points per game.

Contest System

12 national teams took part in the championship, which in the group competition were divided into two groups A and B with 6 teams each. It was played according to a single point system — each with one game. The four first-placed teams from both groups advanced to the quarterfinals, while the two last-placed teams from both groups played matches for placement from 9th to 12th place. The winners of the quarter-final duels went on to the semi-finals, while the defeated teams played for the 5th to 8th place.


Twelve national teams were divided into two groups:

Competition by groups

Group A

Group B


Placement from 5th to 8th place. Placement from 9th to 12th place


Semi-finals from 9th to 12th place

Semi-finals from 5th to 8th place


Match for 11th place

Match for 9th place

Match for 7th place

Match for 5th place

Match for 3rd place


Final ranking

Composition of winning teams

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