Jean-Louis Trentignan


July 5, 2022

Jean-Louis Xavier Trintignant (French: Jean-Louis Xavier Trintignant; December 11, 1930 – June 17, 2022) was a French actor, filmmaker and racing car driver. He made his debut in the theater in 1951, and at that time he was seen as one of the most gifted French dramatic actors of the post-war era, known for leading roles in many classic films of European cinematography. Winner of awards at two of the world's largest film festivals - Cannes and Berlin. Known for the film One Man and One Woman, where together with Anuk Eme he played the main male role of a racing car driver. He played the main role in the sensational film The Conformist. In the later phase of his career, he played a key role in the chamber drama Love, directed by the Austrian Michael Henneke, which revived his popularity in the world.


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