Norway's women's handball team


January 27, 2022

The Norwegian women's handball team (Norwegian: Norges kvinnelandslag i håndball) represents Norway in women's handball at all international competitions and is under the control of the Norwegian Handball Federation (Norwegian Håndballforbund - NHF). As of 2021, she participated in 23 finals and is considered one of the best women's handball teams in history. Norway is the only country whose women's handball team managed to win the European Championship four times in a row. Norwegians hold the record for the number of gold medals won at European championships - as many as eight. In 2011, Norway became only the second women's handball team (after Denmark) to win three major competitions at the same time: the World Championships, the Olympic Games and the European Championships. Norway repeated that endeavor in 2015 and thus became the first women's handball team to twice defend the title of all international handball competitions, as it was the champion of the 2015 World Championships, the 2014 European Championships and the 2012 Olympic Games.


Performs at the Olympic Games

The first appearance of the Norwegian women's national team was in 1988. Since then, Norway has competed in seven Olympic Games. Norway won its first gold medal 20 years after its debut in Beijing in 2008.

Performances at the World Championships

Norway won its first medal at the World Cup in 1986, when it defeated the three-time champion East Germany in the final with a result of 23:19 in the fight for third place (it was also Norway's first victory over East Germany). Norway also won a bronze medal in 1993 and a silver medal in 1997. Two years later, Norway won its first gold medal at the World Championships with a victory against the French. The Norwegians won the second title in 2011 and the third in 2015.

Performances at European Championships

As of 2021, Norway has participated in every European Championship. They are the most successful national team on the European continent, as they won eight gold, three silver and one bronze medal from 14 attempts. Norway has only twice been outside the best third-placed teams: in 2000 in Romania and in 2018 in France.


Current lineup

Coach: Tourir Hergejrson NO

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