Joseph Casa-Wubu


November 30, 2021

Joseph Kasa-Vubu (French: Joseph Kasa-Vubu; Tsela, 1910 - Boma, 24 March 1969) was the first President of the Democratic Republic of the Congo from 1960 to 1965.


He was born in 1910 in Tsela. He was raised by Catholic missionaries. He completed his studies in theology and philosophy until 1939, after which he worked as a teacher. He was the leader of the ABAKO Movement in which his Bakongo people were gathered. After the Congo gained independence from Belgium in 1960, the National Assembly elected Casa-Vubua as the first President of the Congo on June 30. The central government has fallen into a political crisis, torn between conservative Casa-Vubu and nationalist Prime Minister Patrice Lumumba, and burdened by secessionist movements in Katanga and Kasai. On September 5, Kasa-Vubu removed Lumumba from the post of prime minister. Lumumba did not recognize his move and also replaced Casa-Vubu. The situation ended when General Joseph Mobutu arrested Lumumba and handed him over to Moses Chombe's secessionist forces in Katanga, who killed him. Kasa-Vubu presided over unstable governments for the next five years. He tried to include Chombe in the government, but he was compromised among the people because of his cooperation with white mercenaries and Western imperialists. He lost Kasa-Vubu's support and the latter replaced him as prime minister in October 1965. On November 25, 1965, Mobutu staged a coup and removed Casa-Vubu from the post of president. Kasa-Vubu was placed under house arrest and died at his home in Boma in 1969.


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