Zoran Zaev


December 3, 2021

Zoran Zaev (born October 8, 1974 in Strumica) is a politician and Prime Minister of the Republic of Northern Macedonia. He is the president of the Social Democratic Alliance of Macedonia and the former mayor of the municipality of Strumica. As a result of his party's defeat in the 2021 local elections, he resigned as prime minister and SDSM president. He remains prime minister until a new government is elected.


He finished primary and secondary school in Strumica. He graduated from the Faculty of Economics in Skopje in 1997. Zoran Zaev has been a member of the SDSM party since 1996. Since 2003, he has been a Member of Parliament. In 2005, he was elected mayor of Strumica. At the eighth congress of the SDSM, on September 18, 2008, he was elected president of the party, which he headed until 2009. He was elected party president for the second time in May 2013. As the main opposition leader, he participated in a meeting on June 2, 2015 with the then Prime Minister of Northern Macedonia Nikola Gruevski and EU Enlargement Commissioner Johannes Hahn, in order to overcome the deep political crisis of January 2015. The meeting resulted in an agreement in Przin. Extraordinary parliamentary elections were held in December 2016, and Zaev won 49 seats with the SDSM party. On April 27, 2017, protesters stormed the building of the Assembly of the Republic of Northern Macedonia, and on that occasion, Zaev suffered head injuries. The day after the incident, Zaev said that he expected the situation in the country to calm down and called on President Ivanov to give him a mandate to form the Government of Northern Macedonia. Two weeks later, Zaev was elected Prime Minister of the Republic of Northern Macedonia.

Private life

Fluent in English and Serbian. His wife is Zorica Zaeva with whom he has two children, daughter Aleksandra and son Dusko.



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