Zoran Stankovic


October 18, 2021

Zoran Stanković (Tegovište, November 9, 1954 - October 5, 2021) was a Serbian pathologist, professor and doctor of medical sciences, retired medical major general, president of the coordination center for southern Serbia, Minister of Health in the Government of the Republic of Serbia, Minister of Defense of Serbia and Montenegro in the Council of Ministers of Serbia and Montenegro until the separation of Serbia and Montenegro and the Minister of Defense in the Government of the Republic of Serbia. In the 2012 elections, he was first nominated as a candidate for mayor of Belgrade, and then for president of Serbia. From 2012 to 2021, he served as president of the coordination center for southern Serbia in the government of Ivica Dacic.


Zoran Stanković was born on November 9, 1954 in the village of Tegovište, municipality of Vladičin Han to father Dragomir, from the village of Tegovište (Vladičin Han), a car mechanic in a quarry and mother Radmila (maiden name Ristić) from the village of Manajle (Vladičin Han), a housewife. According to tradition, the Stanković brotherhood came to Tegovište from Montenegro in 1576. He finished elementary school in Dzep, high school in Vladicin Han, and the Medical Faculty of the University of Nis in 1980. After graduating, he entered active military service and as an active lieutenant of the JNA performed a mandatory medical internship at the Military Hospital Nis. After completing his medical internship, Stanković performed the duties of a doctor and manager of the corps garrison ambulance in Peja in the period 1982-1985. when he was proclaimed the best young doctor in the medical service of the Nis Army District and the Pristina Corps. He completed his postgraduate studies in the form of specialization in forensic medicine on February 22, 1988 at the Military Medical Academy. At the end of 1991, as a major on the Vukovar battlefield, he performed autopsies on the remains of the dead and remained there for a year. He performed autopsies of more than 5,000 mortal remains in the war zone of the former Yugoslavia. The data from the autopsy findings were later used by Stanković to prepare a doctoral dissertation, which he defended on December 5, 1997 at the Military Medical Academy, entitled: "Problems of forensic treatment of corpses in wartime." He has provided expert assistance to the Hague Tribunal several times in the past, and has been a member of the Yugoslav Committee for the Collection of Data on Investigations of Crimes against Humanity and International Law since 1993. Since 1994, he has been an expert of the United Nations.

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