Ivan Tasovac


October 18, 2021

Ivan Tasovac (Belgrade, June 21, 1966 - Belgrade, September 29, 2021) was a Serbian pianist, director of the Belgrade Philharmonic. For a while, he was the Minister of Culture and Information of the Republic of Serbia (2013-2016).


He is the son of actors Predrag Tasovac and Marija, a piano teacher at the "Mokranjac" music school. He graduated piano at the Conservatory "P. I. Tchaikovsky "in Moscow in the class of Professor Sergei Dorensky. He was the director of the Belgrade Philharmonic from March 23, 2001 to September 19, 2013. He was reappointed to that position on January 26, 2017. He was a member of the jury in the series" I have talent "which has been shown in Serbia since 2009. The weekly Vreme chose him as the person of the year 2011. He passed away on September 29, 2021 and was buried on October 4, 2021 in the Alley of Merited Citizens at the New Cemetery in Belgrade.


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