Igor Rakočević


October 18, 2021

Igor Rakočević (Belgrade, March 29, 1978) is a former Serbian basketball player. He played at fullback. In his career, he played for Red Star (on three occasions), Buducnost, Minnesota Timberwolves, Pamesa, Real Madrid, Taukeramika, Efes Pilsen and Montepaschi Siena. He is the only basketball player who was the top scorer in the Euroleague three times, and thus deserved the Alfons Ford award. With the basketball team of FR Yugoslavia, he won gold medals at the European Championship in 2001 in Turkey and at the World Championship in 2002 in Indianapolis. Club career

Red Star

He passed all the younger categories of the Red Star and as a great talent of the club, he played for the first team in the 1994/95 season. In his first season, he was in 33 teams in which he scored 66 points in all competitions, at the age of only 16. The following season, he showed even greater progress. He distinguished himself in the playoffs in 1996, when he scored 13.3 points per game in the quarterfinal series against BFC from Beocin. He scored 20 points in the second match, and 16 in the third, but the opposing team went to the semifinals. In the 1996/97 season. he didn't spend much time on the floor. He was in the team for 15 matches in the championship and the Cup, and the team had poor results. In the 1997/98 season, Igor completely exploded and became the leader of the club's game. He was the team's top scorer in the league part of the championship with 336 points in 26 matches (average 12.9 per game). He scored 31 points in the 7th round against Mornar (99:70), and in the playoffs he scored 99 points in eight games (12.4 per match) and thus contributed to winning the championship title in the final series against FMP Zeleznik with 3: 1 in victories. He scored 17 points in the third match of the finals, and 16 points in the fourth. That season, in the Radivoje Korac European Cup, the red and whites destroyed everything in front of them, to kneel in the rematch of the final against Verona (64:73) in the hatch of the Pionir hall, although in the first match they celebrated away in Italy with 74:68. season, the red and whites played in the Euroleague, where four victories were recorded, among others against Cibona in Zagreb with Igor's excellent game and Zalgiris in Belgrade. Rakocevic scored 13.8 points in the Euroleague and was the first scorer of Zvezda on average, as well as in the league part of the domestic championship (18.9 points) and in total in the season with 16.2 points per match. However, he did not win a trophy that season, because he won

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