Midfielder (football)


December 3, 2021

A midfielder or midfielder is a player in a football team who, according to formation, plays between defense and attack. Their basic task is to take away the ball at the beginning of the opponent's attack, to make better use of the possession of the ball and to create offensive actions. The number of midfielders depends on the formation and tactics of the team. A group of midfielders makes up the midfield.

Central midfielder

Category: Midfielders in footballThis position is considered perhaps the most important in the team. It depends on the game of these players how much the team will have the ball in their possession and in what way they will use that possession of the ball. Each team has at least one central midfielder on the field. Depending on the additional responsibilities they have on the field, players in this position can be defensive or offensive midfielders.

Defensive midfielder

The main task of these players is to prevent the opponent's attacks, ie to "spoil" the opponent's game. Their responsibilities are to guard the opposing offensive midfielders and gain possession of the ball. They are also expected to cover the space created by inserting defenders or other midfielders in the end of the action. They also participate in the beginning of creating attacks for their team, as well as helping defensive players to take the ball out.

Offensive midfielder

These players are expected to have good organizational skills and creativity in order to employ attackers and wings. They play something in front of the midfield and behind the attacker. They are very often inserted from the background into the very end of the attack, and most often they have a good shot from a distance. Therefore, it can happen that these players are among the players who often score goals for their team.

Side midfielder

Category: Wing players A side midfielder or winger is a player who plays along the out line. His task is to direct the attack of his team to the side with the help of the defender. In the past, players in this position were divided into left and right midfielders, but in modern football they can play on both sides. Sometimes it happens that two players like this change sides on the field several times during the game. If they play on the side they use better with their foot, then they use it to penetrate the wing and send a cross, while otherwise

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