Internationalism (linguistics)


November 30, 2021

Internationalism or an international word in linguistics is a term for a loanword that appears in several languages ​​(translinguism) with the same or similar meaning and etymology. These words exist in "several different languages ​​as a result of simultaneous or successive borrowings from the final source" (I. V. Arnold). Pronunciation and spelling are similar, so the word is understandable between different languages. It was discussed how many languages ​​are needed for the word to be internationalism. For example, according to Gilad Zuckerman, the most important languages ​​that need to include the same lexical item in order to be classified as internationalism in Hebrew are Yiddish, Polish, Russian, French, German, and English.


European internationalisms originate from Latin and Greek, but also from other languages. However, because English is the main lingua franca of the Western world, an increasing number of internationalisms originate from the English language. Many non-European words have become international.


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