KK Budućnost


October 19, 2021

KK Budućnost is a basketball club from Podgorica and is part of SD Budućnost. The club was founded in 1949 in Titograd. Buducnost entered the First League of Yugoslavia in 1980, but dropped out of the First League in 1990. Since the break-up of Yugoslavia, Buducnost has competed in the First League of the FRY and Serbia-Montenegro, and after the separation of Serbia and Montenegro, the club has competed in the Montenegrin League and the regional Adriatic League. The most significant results in the history of the club were in the seasons 1995/96, 1997/98. and 2000/01. when Buducnost won the Cup of FR Yugoslavia and three consecutive titles of champions of FR Yugoslavia in the period from 1999 to 2001.



The basketball club Budućnost has existed since 1949, when a basketball section was formed within the Sports Association Budućnost, which had only a men's team. The first participation of Buducnost in a competition was at the third Championship of Montenegro in the first half of June of that year, in Cetinje. In addition to Buducnost, 3 other teams participated. Buducnost recorded its first success in 1951, with a triumph at the first "Tournament of Cities" in Herceg Novi. The year 1957 was also very important, when a basketball stadium was built in the city park near Morača. Buducnost became the champion of Montenegro for the first time in 1958. The championship was played in 3 zones, with the competition being more massive compared to previous years. Martinović, Pavlović, Vujović, Đukić, Golubović, Lekić, Belada, Đurišić, Tamindžić and Vukčević are most responsible for the success of the team. Based on the results achieved in the Republic League, Buducnost gained the right to play in the qualifications for entering the First League. However, the Basketball Association of Yugoslavia declared the Zastava team from Kragujevac a new member of the First League, and the qualifications were not held.


Buducnost reached the title of republic champion for the second time in 1960. Qualifications for entering the First League were organized in Podgorica, and the teams of Dinamo from Pancevo and Rabotnicki from Skopje also participated. Dinamo qualified for the First League. Dominance in Montenegro was confirmed in 1961. Due to financial troubles, the championship was reduced to a tournament in Podgorica, and Buducnost convincingly defeated all opponents. Buducnost waited for a new success until 1969, when it won two trophies, in the national league and in the Montenegrin championship. The future is �

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