BC Red Star


October 18, 2021

KK Crvena zvezda (or, for sponsorship reasons, Crvena zvezda mts) is a Serbian professional basketball club from Belgrade. He is part of the Red Star sports association. Crvena zvezda competes in the Basketball League of Serbia and the domestic Radivoje Korac Cup, and is the only Serbian basketball club that did not drop out of the first national league. Crvena zvezda is also the only club in the world where four members of the FIBA ​​Hall of Fame (Popović, Stanković, Šaper and Nikolić) emerged, two of whom were elected to the Hall of Fame in Springfield (Stanković and Nikolić). The Red Star makes up the Adriatic Basketball Association and competes in the ABA League, which determines which teams will compete in the Euroleague and which in the Eurocup. According to ULEB's list, Zvezda is the best ranked club of all Serbian clubs, as well as all clubs from the Adriatic League. and in the Stark Arena with an estimated capacity of 18,386 seats. Red Star fans are called Delije.



The Red Star basketball club as a special section was founded on the same day as the Sports Association, on March 4, 1945. The first head of the basketball section was Mira Petrović. However, Mirko Aksentijević-Bata took over the care of Zvezda's basketball players very quickly. Due to the consequences of his injuries during the Second World War, he could not play, but that is why he dedicated all his time to organizing the work of the basketball section. Nebojsa Popovic soon joined him, so the two of them worked together to improve the Red Star basketball team. Nebojsa, together with Boro Stankovic, the Shaper brothers and Aco Nikolic, started a pioneering endeavor under the walls of Mali Kalemegdan, forming a basketball section and creating a court. In the decades to come, the four of them will make an immeasurable contribution not only to the Red Star Basketball Club, but also to other clubs, the national team and world basketball in general. All four will be included in the FIBA ​​Hall of Fame and two in the Naismith Hall of Fame in Springfield, which makes the Red Star the only club in the world. Exactly that court, where the pre-war tennis club B� was located

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