November 30, 2021

Colombia, officially the Republic of Colombia (Spanish: República de Colombia) is a country in northwestern South America. It borders Panama to the northwest, the Caribbean Sea to the north, Venezuela and Brazil to the east, Peru and Ecuador to the south, and the Pacific Ocean to the west. Colombia is the 26th country in the world by area, and the fourth in South America. With over 49 million inhabitants, it ranks 29th in the world and is the second country in the number of Spanish speakers, after Mexico. Colombia is the fourth largest country in Latin America in terms of GDP. She is a member of KIVETS and is one of the fastest growing countries. It is ethnically very diverse. Due to centuries of mixing of the indigenous population with the descendants of African slaves, Europeans and people from the Middle East, a unique cultural heritage has been created. Most of the city's centers are located in the Andes, although Colombia's territory also includes the Amazon rainforest, tropical pastures, and the Caribbean and Pacific coasts. In environmental terms, Colombia is among the 17 countries with the highest biodiversity and is considered the country with the highest biodiversity per square kilometer.

Origin of the name

The name Colombia was coined by the Venezuelan revolutionary Francisco de Miranda, derived from the surname of Christopher Columbus, by which he wanted to denote the entire New World, and especially the part that was under Spanish and Portuguese rule. Later, the Republic of Colombia accepted this name for the territories that included the former Viceroyalty of New Granada, which consisted of the present-day states of Colombia, Panama, Ecuador, Venezuela and northwestern Brazil. became the new state of the Republic of New Granada. In 1858, New Granada officially changed its name to the Confederation of Granada, and in 1863 to the United States of Colombia, and finally in 1886 it received its current name - the Republic of Colombia.



Due to its geographical position, today's territory of Colombia was a corridor for people between Mesoamerica, the Caribbean, the Andes, and the Amazon. The oldest archeological finds from the sites of Monsu and Pubenza date back to twenty thousand years BC. Other remains indicate a wound

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