Constantius III


October 28, 2021

Flavius ​​Constantius (? - September 2, 421), or Constantius III was a Roman military leader and eventually a Roman emperor. During the second decade of the fifth century, he already held power informally, and in 421, he briefly became the ruler of Honorius, the emperor of the Western Roman Empire. Konstancije was born in Nais, today's Nis. He has been a soldier since his career. As a magister militum under Honorius, he successfully defended the Western Roman Empire. He especially distinguished himself in quelling the rebellion of the usurper Constantine. For these merits, he received the title of patrician and gained more and more influence over the incompetent Honorius. In 417, he married Honorius' half-sister Gal Placidia, and on February 8, 421, he became Honorius' co-ruler - but in fact he ruled the entire West. The Eastern Roman emperor Theodosius II did not want to recognize Constantius' appointment as co-ruler. Constantius allegedly decided to go to war with the East because of that, but before he could do anything, he died suddenly on September 2 of the same year. Constantius had two children with Gal Placidia: the future emperor Valentinian III and Justus Gratus Honorius. Constantius' success within the imperial family gave hope to other military commanders in the West that they would be able to become emperors themselves. But, only Petronius Maximus succeeded (he ruled even shorter than Constantius), while the deserving barbarian commanders were unsuccessful in that (Aecius and Ricimer).

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