Casablanca Conference


January 22, 2022

A conference in Casablanca (codenamed SYMBOL) was held at the Anfa Hotel in Casablanca, French Morocco, from 14 to 24 January 1943, to plan an Allied European strategy for the next phase of World War II. It was attended by US President Franklin D. Roosevelt and British Prime Minister Winston Churchill. It was also attended by representatives of the Free French Forces, Generals Charles de Gaulle and Henri Giraud, although their role was small, and they did not participate in military planning. Joseph Stalin refused to attend, citing the Battle of Stalingrad as the reason he had to stay in the Soviet Union. The conference agenda consisted mainly of tactical issues, resource allocation as well as broader diplomatic policy issues. Debates and negotiations have led to the Casablanca Declaration, which states that "unconditional surrender" will be required of the Axis Powers. The doctrine of "unconditional surrender" will be remembered as the united voice of the Allies - that war will be fought until the final defeat or surrender of the Axis Powers.


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