May 21, 2022

Korishë is a populated place in the municipality of Prizren in Kosovo and Metohija. According to the 2011 census, there were 5,279 inhabitants in the settlement.


Atar settlement is located on the territory of the cadastral municipality of Koriša with an area of ​​1478 ha. The village is located in the Prizren foothills.


The settlement was first mentioned in 1348, in the Archangel's Charter. Venerable Petar Koriški was born here. His uncle Marko Koriški is also known. In the 18th century, the parish priest Stojan was in Koriša. Serbs, Albanians and Turks lived there between the two world wars. There was an elementary school with teachers from whom they are known: Šućri Galib (1926), Živojin Trifunović (1927), Seljman (ović) Abaz (1929), Živko Moravčević (1937).

Sacral objects

Monastery of St. Mark of Koriška - The most important sacral building in Koriša is the monastery of St. Marko Koriški. According to the preserved record, the monastery church was built in 1467. During the entire Turkish rule, the monastery remained intact, and the first bells rang from the bell tower of the monastery church after the liberation of the Prizren region from the Turks. At one time the monastery was deserted. It is known that in the 18th century the monastery was renovated and inhabited, and that in its library there was a significant collection of old books and manuscripts. There was also a transcript of Dušan's Code, the so-called Prizren transcript, which is considered the most complete and closest to the original from 1349. Today, this transcript is in the National Museum in Belgrade. Hermitage of St. Peter of Koriška - On the hill above the monastery is the Hermitage of St. Marko Koriški, which is difficult to access. The ruins of the Church of the Holy Mother of God-Holy Precious - The ruins of the Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary are located a few hundred meters east of the Hermitage of St. Peter of Koriška, popularly known as the "Church of Sister Peter of Koriška". Petra was raised by the Hilandar old man Grigorije, the treasurer of a Hilandar convent. After the construction was completed, on May 19, 1343, he donated the church to King and Emperor Stefan Dušan for the temporary seat of the Metropolitan who will manage the construction of Dušan's endowment - the monastery of St. Archangel near Prizren. In 1885, the Turks demolished the church and made a mosque and a Turkish school in Koriša out of its material. The church was renovated after Pr