Kosovo and Metohija


January 22, 2022

Kosovo and Metohija - abbreviated Kosovo and Metohija (Albanian: Kosova dhe Metohia), officially the Autonomous Province of Kosovo and Metohija - APKiM (Albanian: Krahina Autonome e Kosovës dhe Metohisë), sometimes briefly Kosovo (Albanian: Kosova), or Kosmet (from Kosovo and Metohija) , is an autonomous province within the Republic of Serbia. It is under the temporary administration of the United Nations. Kosovo and Metohija borders Albania, Northern Macedonia, and Montenegro, while its administrative line to Serbia proper is under UNMIK control. The province has about 1.7 million inhabitants. The official languages ​​are Serbian and Albanian, and the administration is based in Pristina. Since the end of the NATO bombing of the FRY in 1999, Kosovo and Metohija has been under the interim administration of the United Nations (UNMIK) in accordance with UN Security Council Resolution 1244. On February 16, 2008, the European Union decided to launch the "Rule of Law Mission of the European Union in Kosovo and Metohija - EULEX KOSOVO", and on February 17, 2008, "Representatives of the People of Kosovo" made a unilateral decision to declare Kosovo's independence. Republic of Kosovo. Serbia rejected this declaration, and the General Assembly of the United Nations, by resolution A / 63 / L.2, adopted on the proposal of Serbia on October 8, 2008, requested the advisory opinion of the International Court of Justice on its legality. The independence of the Republic of Kosovo is recognized by 96 of the 193 members of the United Nations.


The name Kosovo comes from the Slavic, Serbian word kos - black bird, and the term Kosovo means, in the Serbian language, the area inhabited by these birds. The name Metohija comes from the Greek word metoh, which was used to name church property, as significant land holdings with villages in the area were not only owned by the Pec Patriarchate, but by charters of Serbian rulers, many of their holdings in Metohija, including entire villages some Serbian monasteries, primarily royal endowments, such as Visoki Decani or the Holy Archangels. Part of the ruling estates in Metohija was often ceded for permanent use to the Hilandar Monastery on the Holy Mountain.


Kosovo and Metohija covers 10,887 km2 and in 1999 it was estimated to have nearly two million inhabitants. It is located east of Montenegro, southeast

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