Serbian basketball team


October 18, 2021

The basketball national team of Serbia represents the Republic of Serbia at international basketball competitions. Its administrative body is the Basketball Association of Serbia (KSS) with its headquarters in Belgrade. On the international scene, Serbia made its debut within the national team of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia, joining FIBI in 1936. FIBA considers the national team of Serbia to be the bearer of the continuity of all national teams, and its membership in FIBA ​​has been conducted since 1936, although at that time the Basketball National Team of Yugoslavia joined this organization. After the disintegration of SFR Yugoslavia in the early 1990s, the remaining republics of Serbia and Montenegro joined FIBI under the name FR Yugoslavia, so that Serbia would become the direct successor of that national team after the dissolution of the mentioned community. April 1947 against the selection of the Soviet Union. Serbia, within the state unions, won all three gold medals from: the World Championship, the European Championship and the Olympic basketball tournament. He is a five-time World Cup winner and eight-time European basketball champion. In 1980, she won the only gold medal from the Olympic basketball tournament. In the quarterfinals of the World Cup in Indianapolis, the "Blues" eliminated the home team of the United States of America with 81:78. It was only the second defeat of the American "Dream Team", composed of NBA players, in their history. In the period from 1992 to the middle of 1995, the national team missed three major competitions due to the sanctions imposed by the United Nations Security Council on the then Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. The national team played the first match after the sanctions in the qualifications for the European Championship in 1995 against Bulgaria and celebrated only after overtime 93: 87. As an independent country, Serbia made its debut at the Eurobasket in 2007 in Spain, where it was defeated by Russia in the first match of Group A with 73: 65Before independence, basketball players from Serbia played for national teams under the names: 1936–1945 Kingdom of Yugoslavia 1945–1992 FNR / SFR Yugoslavia 1992–2006 Federal Republic of Yugoslavia / Serbia and Montenegro 2006 - Serbia Embargo, sanctions and return to the international scene (1

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