November 30, 2021

With 150,835 inhabitants, according to the 2011 census, Kragujevac is the fourth largest city in Serbia, and the seat of the Sumadija district, and it is located about 120 km south of Belgrade. Kragujevac is an important economic, cultural, educational and health center of Šumadija, Pomoravlje and neighboring regions. It is a macro-regional center for the regions: Čačak, Kraljevo, Užice, Jagodina, Kruševac, Smederevo, Požarevac and northern Kosovo. In the early 1990s, the city became one of the poorest cities in Serbia. Today, Kragujevac is again one of the strongest administrative, cultural, financial, industrial and political centers in Serbia.


The name Kragujevac is derived from the name of the bird Kragujevac, which was used for hunting in the Middle Ages. There were a lot of forests in the Lepenica area where these birds lived. Kragujevac is known in Turkish sources as Karagovindža and Karađofodža, but these names are nothing but translations of the name Kragujevac into Turkish. The main part of the word in the name Karagufdža is karagu which is translated from Turkish kraguj, and in the name Karagovinča the main part of the word is karago (karagu-kraguj). Another theory is that the name of the city comes from the male name Kraguj, which was very rare.


The city of Kragujevac is located in the central part of Serbia, about a hundred kilometers south of Belgrade. Kragujevac was built on the banks of the river Lepenica, in the valley between the extreme branches of Rudnik, Crni vrh and Gledićke planine. The city is located at an altitude of 173 - 220 m, with a mathematical-geographical position + 44 ° 22 '; + 20 ° 56 '. The area of ​​the city covers an area of ​​835 km², surrounded by the slopes of the mountains Rudnik and Crni Vrh, and the valley of the river Lepenica is open to the valley of Velika Morava. Sumadija is characterized by hilly - hilly land, slightly undulating. Rudnik is the largest mountain in Šumadija with the highest peak of 1,132 m. This area has an indented network of rivers, but without larger rivers. Due to the lack of rivers and limited rainfall, artificial reservoirs have been built to supply the city with water. This is how Grošničko, Gružansko Lake and Dulensko Lake were created, as well as the lake in Šumarice. The drum is also of great importance. Kragujevac has a developed traffic infrastructure.


In Kragujevac, the government is temperate-continental

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