July 5, 2022

Croissant (French croissant — crescent) is a French pastry made from puff pastry. According to legend, the croissant originated in Austria during the Ottoman siege of Vienna in 1683. As the bakers in the city were the first to get up in the morning, they noticed that the Ottomans were organizing an attack and alerted the city. Thus, they greatly contributed to the defense and rescue of Vienna. In memory of that event, they made a croissant and shaped it, according to the Turkish symbol, like a crescent moon. In France, the croissant became famous thanks to the wife of Louis XVI, Marie Antoinette, daughter of the Austrian empress Maria Theresa. This Austrian pastry was renamed Croissant de lune by the French because of its shape. Like brioche, today the croissant is one of the classic ingredients of the French breakfast. The croissant, unlike the brioche, has become much more popular and widespread. Today, the croissant is prepared in different variations, toasted with cheese, filled with ham, chocolate or hazelnut.

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