January 20, 2022

Legitimacy is a term used in political and legal sciences. It is usually taken to represent the acceptance of a law or policy, ie. confidence in their correctness and voluntary submission. The Serbian term, which did not come to life in theory, was a justification. The legitimacy of the government is guaranteed when the citizens voluntarily accept the laws and obey them, receiving protection of their legally guaranteed rights in return. The concept also applies to other types of authority, such as the legitimacy of the employer. Marxist theory discusses the legitimacy of entire economic and political systems. In family law, legitimacy refers to the status of children born in a legally recognized parental marriage. The term originates from the Latin word legitimatio (legitimacio) which means representation, justification.


This article or its part was originally taken from the Dictionary of Social Work of Ivan Vidanović with the approval of the author.

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