Local elections in Northern Macedonia 2021


November 30, 2021

Local elections in Northern Macedonia in 2021 are elections held on October 17, 2021 for the election of councilors and mayors in 80 municipalities in Northern Macedonia and in the City of Skopje. The second round of local elections was held on October 31. The elections were called on August 6, 2021 by the President of the Assembly, Talat Xhaferi. According to the calendar of the State Election Commission, the deadline for submitting candidacies for councilor lists and mayors was September 11, 2021. The election campaign lasted from September 27 to October 15. In the first round, mayors were elected in 34 municipalities, and in 46 municipalities and the City of Skopje, it was necessary to hold a second round of elections. VMRO-DPMNE won in the first round in 22, SDSM in 9, and DUI in 3 municipalities. Results for mayors by municipalities Source: SEC



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