May 20, 2022

Lorraine was a Frankish kingdom in Western Europe that existed in the 9th century. It belonged to Lothar II, King of Lorraine from 855 to 869. The area was given to him by his father Lothar I. The name comes from the Latin Lotharii Regnum which means "Lothar's kingdom". The emperor of the Holy Roman Empire, Lothar I, divided his territory in 855 to his three sons. One won Italy, the other Provence, and Lothar II won Lorraine. After the death of Lothar II, Lorraine was divided by Carlo Bald and Ludwig of Germany by the Treaty of Mersen in 870. Lorraine covered the following areas: The Netherlands Belgium Luxembourg North Rhine-Westphalia Rhineland-Palatinate Saarland Lorena AlsaceThe Kingdom of Lorraine survived only in the French derivative Lorena. Henry I the Birdman manages to put part of the divided country under the German crown again. His son and heir Otto I handed over Lorraine to his brother, the Archbishop of Cologne Bruno I. In 959, Bruno divided these territories into two duchies: Upper and Lower Lorraine. Upper Lorraine existed until 1776 and was the subject of a thousand-year dispute between France and Germany. Lower Lorraine fell apart: Brabant, Limburg, Gelder and many others.