Marko Gobeljic


December 8, 2021

Marko Gobeljic (Kraljevo, September 13, 1992) is a Serbian football player who currently plays for the Red Star. He is considered a universal player, capable of playing in a number of positions on the field. Gobeljic started playing football at the local school Bubamari, from where he later moved to Sloga through the Metalac team. He played for the club from his hometown as a senior in the period from 2010 to 2014, and after his first season, in which he won first place in the table of the Serbian League West with the team, he placed in the second stage of football competition, the First League of Serbia . In that competition, he later played 89 games and scored 6 goals, while during the 2013/14 season. in a number of games he wore the captain's armband. In his home club, Gobeljić changed a number of positions on the field, and most often he played as a central midfielder, or right back. After moving to Kruševac's Napredak in the summer of 2014, Gobeljić signed a professional contract with that club. In the same year, he made his debut in the Serbian Super League, but after its end he dropped out of the competition, after a barrage for survival with the Metalac team from Gornji Milanovac. The following season, the club again won a place in the first rank of the competition, while Gobeljic was selected in the team of the First League of Serbia, according to the Sports Journal. During the 2016/17 competition. coaches Dragan Ivanović and Vuk Rašović used Gobeljić most often in the attack, where he acted as a midfielder, or winger, and thus scored more goals and assists. He scored one goal each against Red Star and Partizan. During 2016 and the beginning of 2017, the then selector of the Serbian national team, Slavoljub Muslin, invited Gobeljić to the national team composed of players from the domestic competition, who played in meetings with the teams of Qatar and the United States. In the summer of 2017, before the start of the new season, Gobeljić signed a three-year contract with the Red Star. In the same year, with his new club, he won a place in the group stage of the Europa League. Coach Vladan Milojevic used him in several positions on the field, and among others, in the games against Krasnodar, Gobeljic entered the game as a replacement for the left back. Some time later, he played his first Eternal Derby in the same position. At the end of the competition season

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