Massacre in Prebilovci


August 11, 2022

The massacre in Prebilovci was carried out by the Ustashas between August 6 and 11, 1941, under the command of Ivan Jovanovic, known as Crni, against 826 out of a total of 994 Serbs in the village of Prebilovci, mostly women, children and the elderly. Most were thrown alive into the Golubinka pit, while the rest were killed on the spot. Fifty-four Serbian households of Prebilovci were extinguished forever by that massacre.

The scale and details of the massacre

Early in the morning on August 4, 1941, one thousand to fifteen hundred Ustasha attacked the village from three directions. There were mostly women, children and old people in the village, while grown men, in fear of the Ustasha, did not sleep at their houses. Upon entering the village, the Ustashas began searching houses, rounding up the population, raping women and girls and looting things. Residents of the center of the village were brought to the elementary school building. The Ustasha orgies of sadism and bestiality on unprotected women and girls, especially on girls aged 12 to 15, lasted for several hours. The only person who escaped and left the school in Prebilovci alive was Mara Bulut. According to her, the Ustashas took babies out of their cradles and smashed their heads against the school wall in front of their mothers. After all these abuses and tortures, the Ustasha drove the residents of the center of the village towards Čapljina that day and imprisoned them in the infamous "Silos" near the village of Tasovčića, where they spent the night, without food or water. The next day, August 5, they were driven to the railway station in Čapljin, from where they were transported in the evening of the same day in a special composition of wagons to the village of Šurmanci. The women, children and old people imprisoned in these wagons were guarded by about 300 Ustasha under the command of Andrije Buljan until the morning of August 6. In the early morning hours of August 6, the captured and surviving population of Prebilovci were forced out of the wagons, lined up and driven up the hill towards the village of Šurmanci. The column was subjected to a detailed search and looted and then brought to the "Golubinka" pit. Slaughter, that is. throwing the survivors into this pit lasted a full six hours (from 7:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.). According to the data established at the court trial in Mostar, during that time 470 people were thrown into the "Golubinka" pit: 237 children and 233 women. It was later established that more than 500 people were thrown into the "Golubinka" pit that day. The mentioned process is also ut�