Mass media


January 27, 2022

Mass media is a term that came into use in the 1920s, with the advent of radio, print and later TV. It means all media that are designed to be "consumed" by a wide audience. Their basic features are that they strongly influence the formation of a "mass consumer society" which is mostly in contrast to independent decision-making. Today, the mass media include radio, TV, music and video, film, print media, the Internet and software. The feature of the mass media is that they strongly influence the formation of a "mass consumer society", which is mostly in contrast to independent decision-making. Mass (global media) emerged long after the emergence of local and national media. In Europe, the first mass media were newspapers that dominated during the 19th century. At the very beginning, the development of mass media was hesitant, newspapers and magazines were written exclusively for domestic readers, which, combined with the language barrier, denied the possibility of export. In essence, the media function in a way that reflects the united interests of powerful social groups that are in a position to allocate social resources. Broadcast media transmit information electronically, through media such as film, radio, recorded music or television. Digital media includes the Internet and mobile mass communication. Internet media includes services such as email, social media sites, websites, and Internet-based radio and television. Many other forms of mass media have an additional online presence, through means such as linking or running TV ads online, or distributing QR codes on external or print media to direct mobile network users to a website. In this way, they can take advantage of the easy accessibility and assistance options that the Internet provides. In this way, information is easily, simultaneously and economically transmitted in many different regions of the world. External media transmit information through media such as AR advertising; billboards; blimps; flying billboards (signs on towed planes); posters or kiosks located inside and outside buses, commercial buildings,

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