Matica Srpska


January 22, 2022

Matica Srpska is the oldest literary, cultural and scientific institution of the Serbian people, founded in Pest on Thursday 4/16. February, 1826.. The need for national homogenization, enlightenment, as well as the publication of Serbian books, were the main reasons for the formation of such a Society. The immediate reason for founding Matica Srpska was the need to take over the Serbian Chronicle (later the Chronicle of Matica Srpska), the oldest Serbian literary magazine and then the only Serbian newspaper, which was threatened with extinction. The Matica Srpska Publishing Center has regular publishing activities, including several projects of national importance, such as Ten Centuries of Serbian Literature. The literary and cultural society played a huge role in the flourishing of science and culture of the Serbs in Vojvodina. The Matica was moved to Novi Sad in 1864. Matica Srpska also operates on the territory of the Republika Srpska, through the Association of Members of the Matica Srpska in the Republika Srpska, as well as in Montenegro, through the Association of Members of the Matica Srpska in Montenegro. In addition, the establishment of Matica Srpska in Vienna is planned.


The founders of Matica Srpska were Pest Serbs Gavrilo Bozitovac, Jovan Demetrovic, Josif Milovuk, Petar Rajic, Andrija Rozmirovic, Georgije Stankovic and Jovan Hadzic. The first president of Matica Srpska was the lawyer and writer Jovan Hadzic, and the first formally elected secretary was the lawyer and journalist Teodor Pavlovic.


Since its founding, Matica Srpska has been an institution of an all-Serbian, parliamentary character. She is the first queen established. Following the example of her, other Slavic peoples would later unite in their Matice, taking from her the name, and to a large extent the program (Matica češka - 1831; Matica ilirska - 1842; Matica lužičkosrpska - 1847, etc.). Matica Srpska has a significant role in the establishment of some other institutions of Serbian culture, such as the first national professional permanent theater - the Serbian National Theater. She developed her activity mainly thanks to benefactors, among whom the most important is Sava Tekelija (1761-1842), who bequeathed all his property in his will to his endowment Tekelijanum and Matica Srpska. The headquarters of Matica Srpska was located in Pest until 1864, when it was moved to Novi Sad. At today's headquarters, Marie's endowment

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