Mirjana Jonić Igić


October 18, 2021

Mirjana Igić (Pirot, October 13, 1948 - Pirot, October 2, 2021) was a Serbian writer, a native of Pirot.


Mirjana Igić finished primary and secondary school in Pirot and studied at the Faculty of Political Sciences in Belgrade. She started writing and writing in high school. Igić is one of the initiators and editors of the Iskra newspaper. During her student days, she published her works and articles in the newspapers Student, Borba, Politika, Gradina, Sloboda. She was also engaged in poetry and wrote her poetry for the collections Treća smena, Nemar neimara, Ima dana, Korak u oblak, Samonikli, Stare pirotske gradske pesme. Mirjana is also the author of the play for children Holiday Chatter and Testament. She wrote a collection of songs by Abr not to be forgotten in 1999, and that took the title of the cultural event of Pirot. She participated in the preparation of the book Ratni dnevnik Petra I. Pančić. In 2019, she published the book To Hell and Back - Witnesses of History about the People from Pirot who Survived the Thessaloniki Front. She has won several awards for her literary work.


Mirjana Igić, Small City Stories - about the author, 2006. Miljan Manić, Famous People of Pirot - unpublished work, Historical Archive in Pirot, 2018.


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