Forward (football)


November 30, 2021

The striker is a player in the football team, who is the most advanced player of his team according to the formation. His basic task is to score a goal and he usually has minimal responsibilities in defense. The players who play in this position are usually the best scorers of their teams. Category: Forwards in footballChanges in the understanding of the game of football and tactics, have led to the fact that in some teams the best scorers are players for whom scoring goals is not the primary task, and that attackers have the most assists or in some situations have an important task in defense your goal. Very often, when taking corners or free kicks, tall attackers have the task of keeping the most dangerous opponent's jumper in defense. In the formations in which today's teams play the most, there are usually from one to three strikers, although there are usually two strikers on the field at the same time. How many attackers will be sent to the field, the coaches decide based on the results they want to achieve and the strength of the opponent. Depending on the development of the situation on the field, the coach can change the number of attackers in the team. If their teams lead, coaches will very often strengthen the defense, by taking the attacker out of the game and introducing a defensive player. In the opposite case, when their team needs a goal, an attacker will enter the field instead of a player who plays in another position.


The terms spitz, central striker are often still used for the center forward, or the very term striker, in the narrower sense of the word, can refer to a center forward. Previously, it was almost implied that a player in this position must be tall and strong in order to dominate the jump game, and he could pass long balls from his defensive players to other teammates or use usable center shots from the side and score a header. Today, that is not always the case, because lower players can also play in this position, who can gain an advantage over the opponent with their speed and thus shake the net.

Half Spitz

A large number of names are used for this position in the team. In addition to the term midfielder, journalists and football experts also use terms for this position, such as: second striker, free agent, playmaker or retired striker. Some football theorists and

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