The best scorer in the Euroleague in basketball


October 28, 2021

The Euroleague Top Scorer or the Alphonso Ford Trophy is the annual award given by the Euroleague to the player with the best scoring performance throughout the season of this competition, except for the final four. The award is given starting from the 2004/05 season. and is named after Alfonso Ford - a basketball player who passed away in 2004, and was the best scorer in the Euroleague in the 2000/01 seasons. and 2001/02. The only triple winner of this award is Igor Rakočević. Since only the period before the final four is counted, it is possible that the winner of the prize during the final will be overtaken by another player in terms of performance. That is what happened in the 2006/07 season. when the award officially went to Igor Rakočević, while the best scorer of the entire competition was actually Juan Carlos Navarro. Previous winners


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The best scorers of the Euroleague in the period 1991-2004

In the period until the 2004/05 season. the best scorers were only statistically recorded and named, but they were not awarded any special trophy.



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