The most useful player in the NBA


May 20, 2022

The NBA Most Valuable Player Award (NBA MVP) is the annual award given by the NBA since 1956 to the player with the best performance during the regular season. The winner is presented with the Maurice Podoloff Trophy, named after the first president of the NBA League (from 1946 to 1963). The only player who has won this award as many as six times is Karim Abdul Jabar, while Bill Russell and Michael Jordan share second place with five trophies each. Stephen Curry is the only player in NBA history to win this award unanimously in 2016. So far, three players from Europe have won the award: Dirk Nowitzki (Germany), Janis Adetokumbo (Greece) and Nikola Jokic (Serbia).

Selection method

A total of 125 sports journalists choose three players (first, second, third, fourth and fifth). Each player received points according to the principle; the first ten points, the second seven, the third five, the fourth three and the fifth one. The player with the most points wins recognition.

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