Nicolas Sarkozy


October 28, 2021

Nicolas Paul Stéphane Sarközy de Nagy-Bocsa (Paris, 28 January 1955) is a French politician, former President of the French Republic and co-Prince of Andorra, and president of the conservative Union for the People's Movement. . He is a former Minister of the Interior of France (until March 26, 2007). His nickname is Sarko. In the 2007 presidential election, Sarkozy defeated Ségolène Royal in the second round of the presidential election with 53% of the vote. On May 6, 2007, he succeeded Jacques Chirac, becoming the 23rd President of France. In the 2012 presidential election, Sarkozy lost to Francois Hollande in the second round of the presidential election by a margin of 3% of the vote. After these elections, he withdrew from political life.


He was born on January 28, 1955 in Paris. Nicolas Sarkozy is the second son of the father of the Hungarian nobleman Pal Istvan, Ern Sarkozy de Nagy-Bocce, and the mother of the Frenchwoman Andrea Mala. Nicolas Sarkozy's maternal grandfather was Aaron Malah, a Jew from Ladin, a doctor by profession, originally from Thessaloniki, Greece. His wife (Sarkozy's grandmother) was the Frenchwoman Adèle Bouvier, who was of the Catholic faith, under whose influence Aaron himself converted to Catholicism. They lived in the French city of Lyon and had two daughters - Susanna and Andre, who is actually the mother of the French president.


Nicolas Sarkozy taught primary school in Paris at the Chaptal de Neuilly school. In 1967, he repeated the sixth grade, after which he enrolled in the private school of Saint-Louis de Monceau, where he also received his secondary education in 1973. A year later, he became a member of the Union of Democrats for the Republic political party. Nicolas Sarkozy trained as a lawyer and studied at the University of Paris 10 in Nanterre. He failed to finish foreign policy school due to insufficient knowledge of English. Internal policy Nicolas Sarkozy gained his political popularity by performing the duty of the Minister of Internal Affairs of France. The unstable interethnic situation in the country and the escalation of conflicts in the suburbs of big cities between emigrants and the police have led a large number of French people to see Sarkozy as a leader who can stop powerlessness and bring order. It is mostly supported by voters of nationalist and right-wing orientations

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