October 28, 2021

Nisava is a river that flows through Bulgaria and Serbia and with a length of 218 km is the longest tributary of the South Morava. The source of the Nisava is located below the top of the ancient Hema or today's Stara Planina, which is called Kom. This peak is directly above the present-day Bulgarian village of Ginci, so it is also called the Ginska River as long as it flows through the territory of Bulgaria. In the part of the Godečka valley, the river makes a turn to the west and enters Serbia somewhere near the border crossing Kalotina or Serbian Gradina. From here, the river Nisava connects the cities of Godec, Dimitrovgrad, Pirot, Bela Palanka, Niska Banja and Nis, and finally 10 km west of the city of Nis, it sailed in and merged with South Morava.

Origin of the name

It is believed that the ancient name of Nisava was Navissus, so in historiography one can find information that Nis was named after her. However, while one part of the scientific public believes that the name of the river is simulated with the Celtic hydronym "Nova" or "Novie", others hold the thesis that Nisava had its name even before the Celtic invasion and that the name of the river is Thracian. Geographic features of the basin The position of the Nisava Basin from the northernmost to the southernmost point covers 43΄12˝ latitude, while from the easternmost to the westernmost point it covers 01˚23΄29˝ geographical latitude. lengths, or sides of the world: The northernmost point of the Nisava basin is the elevation of 783 m on the Kamenička watchtower in the source part of the Matejevačka river, with the geographical coordinates 43˚24΄39˝ N and 21˚58΄02˝ E. The southernmost point is the peak Krvavi kamen (1692 m above sea level) in the source part of Jerma, with the geographical coordinates 42˚21΄27˝ N and 22˚27΄58˝ E. The westernmost point is the confluence of the Nisava and the South Morava, at 177 m above sea level, with the geographical coordinates 43˚22΄14˝ N 21˚46΄31˝ E. The easternmost point of the Nisava basin is the elevation of 1295 m in the Ginska basin, east of Popova mogila, with geographical coordinates 43˚01΄29˝ N and 23˚10΄00˝ E. The lowest point in the basin is the confluence of the Nišava and South Morava at 177 m n .v, while the highest point in the basin is the top of the Old Mountain Midzor at 2,170 m above sea level. The territory and surface of the Nisava River Basin with an area of ​​4,052.77 km2, includes part of the territory of the two countries (Bulgaria and Serbia), ie the southernmost part of Balkan Serbia, part of western Balkan Bulgaria, as well as part of the Serbian-Macedonian mass of western Bulgaria and southeastern Serbia. Bulgaria owns 1,066.64 km2 or 26.3% of the Nisava basin Serbia owns 2,986.13 km or 73.7% of the basin

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