Nisava Administrative District


October 18, 2021

Nisava Administrative District is located in the southeastern part of the Republic of Serbia. An administrative district is a regional center of state administration for a specific area. There are 29 districts in the Republic of Serbia, whose heads are appointed by the Ministry of State Administration and Local Self-Government, ie the Government of the Republic of Serbia. Nisava administrative district includes the city, ie city municipalities and municipalities: City of Nis - whose seat is the city settlement of Nis, and consists of city municipalities: 1. City Municipality of Mediana - the seat of the city settlement of Nis, 2. City Municipality of Palilula - seat of the city settlement of Nis, 3. City Municipality of Pantelej - the seat of the city settlement of Nis, 4. City Municipality of Crveni Krst - seat of the city settlement of Nis, 5. City Municipality of Niška Banja - seat of the city settlement of Niška Banja, Municipality of Aleksinac - seat of the city settlement of Aleksinac, Municipality of Svrljig - the seat of the city settlement of Svrljig, Municipality of Merošina - the seat of the settlement of Merošina, Municipality of Razanj - headquarters settlement Razanj, Municipality of Doljevac - the seat of the settlement of Doljevac and Municipality of Gadžin Han - the seat of the settlement of Gadžin Han. The seat of the district is the town of Niš. The district covers an area of ​​2,729 km2 and is the second largest district in Serbia. It has a total of 376,319 inhabitants (2011 census). In the city of Nis itself, there is the Nis Fortress, which is one of the most beautiful and best preserved fortresses in the Balkans, and was built at the end of the 17th century. On the outskirts of Nis, there is a memorial to Ćele - a tower, when the Turks built the skulls and heads of Serbian insurgents killed on Čegra, where, under the leadership of Stevan Sinđelić, the Battle of Čegar took place against the Turks (1809). The Turks won, so this battle was of crucial importance for the downfall of the First Serbian Uprising.

Physical-geographical features


Tectonic shapes in relief

In the Nisava district, tectonic landforms are represented by valleys and mountains of medium height. The valleys are lowered along tectonic trenches created by radial tectonic movements, while tangential movements caused the mountains to rise. On the territory of the district, the following stand out: Niška, Aleksinačka, Svrljiška and Zaplanjska valleys. The Nis valley is part of the composite valley of the South Morava river. It covers an area of ​​620 km2, has the shape of an irregular ellipsoid with a longer axis of about 44 km and shorter than 22

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