December 3, 2021

Novak Djokovic (Belgrade, May 22, 1987) is a Serbian professional tennis player. He spent 349 weeks at the top of the ATP list, which is the longest period in the history of the open era. Many tennis critics, former players and teammates consider Djokovic one of the best tennis players in history. He has been playing professionally since 2003. In his career so far, he has won 20 titles at Grand Slam tournaments: nine times the Australian Open, six times Wimbledon, three times the US Open and twice Roland Garros. He is one of five tennis players in the Open era who won a Grand Slam career. By winning Roland Garros in 2016, he became the first tennis player, after Rod Laver in 1969, to win all four Grand Slam tournaments in a row, and the only one to do so on three different surfaces. He is the only tennis player in the Open era to have won every Grand Slam tournament at least twice. He is the record holder for trophies won at the Australian Open and the only one to triumph three times in a row in the Open era. He holds the record with seven completed years as the first tennis player in the world and the earnings from the men's singles tournament. He won five Masters Cup titles and was the only one to triumph four times in a row. Djokovic is the first and only player to win all nine tournaments in the ATP Masters 1000 series, the only one to have won all 1000 Masters at least twice. He has won a total of thirty-seven tournaments in this category and holds the record. recorder. He won a bronze medal at the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Together with his teammates from the Serbian national team, he won the title in the Davis Cup in 2010 and in the ATP Cup in 2020. He achieved one of the biggest rivalries in the history of tennis with Rafael Nadal. They played a record number of duels in the Open era and the longest Grand Slam final in Melbourne in 2012. Djokovic's rivalry with Roger Federer was also noticed, against whom he played in a record seventeen duels in Grand Slam tournaments and a record eleven semifinals. In addition to being proclaimed the best athlete and tennis player in Serbia and the world, Djokovic was awarded the Order of the Star of Karadjordj, the Order of Saint Sava of the Serbian Orthodox Church and the Order of the Republika Srpska. Also, Novak is the idea creator of the "Novak Djokovic" Foundation

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