July 1, 2022

The nominative (lat. Nominare to name) is the first case in the Serbian language and it is used to name the performer of an action, the bearer of events, conditions or characteristics. Answers the question Who? or what? The nominative in the sentence is: most often the subject. part of a noun predicate in addition to some verbs (to become, to be called, to remain, to seem, to be, etc.), the nominative also serves as a supplementary predicate (He became a doctor.) together with the conjunctions as well as than the nominative may be an adverbial clause for manner (It resounded like a bomb.) as an adjective supplement (Good as bread.) together with the conjunction as it may have the service of the adverbial clause for time (Even as a child he did not like to eat that.) attribute and apposition whenever they refer to a noun in the nominative (There was also Mary, Mitar's wife, a very serious person.)


Stanojčić, Ž. Popovic, Lj. (1992). "Grammar of the Serbian language", Institute for textbook publishing: Novi Sad. ISBN 978-86-17-02288-2.