Defensive player (football)


November 30, 2021

A defensive player is a player in a football team whose main task is to stop an opponent's attack. In the schedule of players on the field, defensive players play in the line closest to the goalkeeper.


Category: Defensive players in footballCentarhalf is also called central defender, central defensive player or stopper. His name indicates that he plays in the center of defense. His main task is to prevent the opponent's attacker from finding himself in a chance and scoring a goal. In addition, when he comes into possession of the ball, he needs to take the ball out of his penalty area as soon as possible and as safely as possible. Depending on the formation in which the team plays, there are usually two (if the team plays with four players in defense) or three stoppers (if the team plays with three players in defense). Each of the stoppers can be in charge of a specific opponent attacker to guard. In modern football, most teams opt for zone defense, in which each stopper takes care of the attacker who is in his zone of responsibility. In the past, they were expected to throw the ball out of their goal as soon as possible, but in today's football, they are faced with numerous technical and tactical requirements. They participate in the beginning of the attacking actions of their teams, employ their attackers with long passes and participate in the attacking actions during the break.


The Libero is a freer version of the central defender. There is no specific attacker when he should be watching, but he is playing behind the defensive players and correcting their mistakes. They very often take part in counterattacks and start attacking actions of their teams.


Category: Left backs in football Category: Right backs in football Once upon a time, the basic task of a defender was exclusively to stop the opponent's wing, but in modern football they are increasingly expected to take part in the attack. Their offensive tasks consist of penetrating the wing and sending center shots into the opponent's penalty area. They also provide support to their wingers by creating a surplus on that side of the attack.

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