1906 Olympic Games


August 11, 2022

The Intercalated Games were held in 1906 in Athens, Greece, to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the first modern Olympic Games. They were officially opened by the Greek King George I. Although at that time these Games were held according to the protocol and all the rules of modern Olympism, to this day the International Olympic Committee does not officially recognize these Games as equal to other Olympic Games, so medals are won at this competition are not officially counted in the tables of Olympic medal winners. In the competitive program, Ray Jury from the USA stood out, who by winning the two disciplines of jumping without running (high, long) continued his dominance in those sports with the previous two editions of the Games. Even more notable was the performance of his compatriot Paul Pilgram, who won the 400 and 800 m races. Billy Shering from Canada took his preparations for the marathon seriously, moving to Greece two months before the Games to get used to the local conditions. That obviously helped him, so he won even though he was not among the favorites.

Legacy of the Olympic Games

Although these Games do not officially belong to the ranks of the 'real' Olympic Games, in many ways they paved the way for the modern Olympic movement. Previous editions of the Games, namely the one in Paris in 1900 and the Games in St. Louis in 1904 did not achieve the desired success: due to the too long duration of several months of that joint organization with the World Exhibitions, the interest of both athletes and the public in the Olympic Games was somewhat reduced. However, for the first time, the Inter-Games in Athens were organized in such a way that all competitions were held in just a few weeks, which enabled a more dynamic program, greater interest from the audience and the public, which facilitated the organization itself. Also, all athletes had to register with the IOC before the competition. In addition, at these Games, for the first time, the opening of the games was organized as a special event that included a parade of the teams in the stadium in front of the audience behind the national flags. The closing of the Games was similarly organized. These ceremonies have been present at all Olympic Games since then.

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Balance of won medals

According to the interpretation of the IOC, the medals won at these Games are not officially counted as Olympic medals. Mixed team medal