Municipality of Mavrovo and Rostusha


August 11, 2022

The municipality of Mavrovo and Rostuša is one of the 9 municipalities of the Polog region in North Macedonia. The seat of the municipality is the village of Rostuša. The municipality of Mavrovo and Rostuša is probably the highest situated municipality in the country with a number of settlements at over 1,000 meters above sea level. A large number of settlements are located on slopes and viewpoints, so this is one of the most picturesque municipalities in the country.


The municipality of Mavrovo and Rostuša is located in the western part of North Macedonia and borders Albania in the west. On the other side, there are other municipalities of North Macedonia: North — Municipality of Gostivar east — Kičevo Municipality south — Municipality of Debar

Natural features

Relief: The municipality of Mavrovo and Rostuša is located in the highest part of North Macedonia. In the municipality there are a number of peaks higher than 2,500 m above sea level, and in the northwestern part of the municipality there is also Korab, the highest mountain in the country. To the east is the Bistra mountain, and to the southwest is the Dešat mountain. Between the mountains there is a series of narrow and difficult-to-access gorges and valleys, where a small population lives. The climate in the municipality is a distinctly harsher version of the moderate continental climate due to the considerable altitude. Waters: The most important stream in the municipality is the Radika river, and all smaller watercourses are its tributaries. Its most important tributary, Mala Reka, flows through the south of the municipality. Radica also has an artificial Mavrovsko lake, today an important tourist area.


According to the last census of 2002, the municipality of Mavrovo and Rostuša had 8,618 st., of which 872 st. in the seat of the municipality, the village of Rostuši. (10%). The municipality is sparsely populated. The national composition according to the 2002 census was: The municipality of Mavrovo and Rostuša is special in many respects due to its population. Only here is there a mass appearance of Macedonians of the Islamic religion (elsewhere they declare themselves as Turks or Albanians, formerly Torbeši). The specialty of the municipality is the historical existence of the Albanian Orthodox community in several villages of the municipality.

Inhabited places

There are 40 settlements in the municipality, all with the status of villages: Some of these villages, such as Galičnik or Lazaropolje, are known outside of Macedonia for their preservation, ethno-architecture and beauty.


Vuča Žikić, Serbian military leader in the Kočina Krajina and the First Serbian Uprising