November 30, 2021

The fruit (lat. Fructus) is a reproductive plant organ that is formed from the ovary after fertilization. It is considered a transformed ovary that closes the seed inside (the fruit is present only in hidden seeds). After fertilization, there are changes in the wall of the ovary - it grows and forms the wall of the fetus (pericarp). There are one or more seeds in the fruit. The parts of the pericarp are: exocarp (outer shell), endocarp (inner sheath) and mesocarp, which is located between them. Since the ovary is formed from the leaves, under the microscope it is easy to see that the exocarp originates from the epidermis of the back, the endocarp from the epidermis of the face, and the mesocarp from the mesophyll of the leaves. In common linguistic usage, "fruit" is often identified with fruit and refers to fresh seed structures of plants that may be sweet or sour, and that are edible in the raw state, such as apples, bananas, grapes, lemons, oranges, and strawberries. On the other hand, in botanical use, "fruit" encompasses many structures that are not normally called fruits, such as bean pods, corn seeds, tomatoes, and wheat grains. The part of the fungus that produces spores is also called the fruiting body. Botanical and culinary fruit Many of the terms widely used for seeds and fruits do not coincide with the botanical classification. In culinary terminology, a fruit is usually any plant part of a sweet taste, especially a botanical fruit; walnut is any hard, oily, herbal product with a shell; and vegetables are any herbal product with a pleasant taste or that is less sweet. However, in botany, a fruit is a ripe fruit or carpel that contains seeds, a nut is a type of fruit and not a seed. Examples of culinary "vegetables" and nuts that are botanical fruits include corn, pumpkin (eg, cucumber, dulek, and gourd) , blue eggplant, beans (beans, peanuts, and peas), sweet peppers, and tomatoes. Additionally, some spices, such as najgvirc and chili, are fruits, botanically speaking. In contrast, rhubarb is usually called a fruit because it is used to make sweet desserts such as pies, although only the stems (leaf stalks) of rhubarb plants are edible, and edible bare seeds are commonly called fruits, eg, ginkgo nuts and seeds. pine pine. Botanical, whole grains, such as corn, rice,

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