Serbian police


January 20, 2022

The Police of Serbia is part of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Serbia, which performs the tasks of the state administration of the Republic of Serbia. The Serbian Police or police officers are considered to be uniformed and non-uniformed police officers, members of administrations and units, such as: Police Directorate, Criminal Police Directorate, Traffic Police Directorate, Border Police Directorate, Security Directorate, Protection Unit, Operations Center, Special Antiterrorist unit, Helicopter Unit and Gendarmerie.


Doba Nemanjića

In the time of Nemanjić (14th century), the police authorities were at the same time the bodies of internal administration. Kefalija, that is, the mayor or the parish manager - was also in charge of public safety, and especially road safety. He had at his disposal "special people, dressed in black suits, (who) guarded the roads and protected the passengers from robbers."

Obnovljena Srbija

The roots of public security in the renewed Serbia appear during the Revolution (1804-1813). At the assembly held on April 2, the police authority in the nahijas was entrusted to the dukes and the pen to the princes, and in the principalities - to the local princes. The executive officers of the obor-princes were represented by naked or bećari. Later, the role of the executive bodies of the newly established courts (magistrates) was taken over by the cops. The organization of the police power in Belgrade and other places was passed on December 30, 1807. A regular and permanent police force was established in Belgrade, consisting of: police chief (city police manager), police-quarter-masters (neighborhood managers), lictors (assistant managers in charge of various departments), scribes and uniformed cops. This organization came to life in the first days of 1808. At the Assembly held on January 14, 1811, a new reform of the state administration was carried out, and the Serbian Governing Council was divided into 6 ministries. Jakov Nenadovic has been appointed the first Minister of the Interior. In 1815, Prince Miloš Obrenović made the decision to organize the cops - general state police bodies in charge of public order and security of customs roads. The renewed Serbian Council was given the function of the supreme police body (with the Department for Internal and Judicial Affairs

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