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October 18, 2021

The talk page is a special Wikipedia page that contains a discussion of the content of the article's associated page. To see an article's talk page, click the talk link somewhere on the edge of the screen (depending on the skin you're using and whether you've changed your display settings). In the default view, the conversation link is located on the tab at the top of the page, right next to the edit link. When you are on the talk page, clicking on the project or article link will take you back to the main article. It is inevitable that there will be situations in which the contributors to the article will benefit from the discussion about the same - that is why we have created a namespace especially for such discussions. Nice Wiki behavior includes signing what you write on the talk pages. For some important guidelines on using the Conversation Page, see Wikipedia: Guidelines for using the Conversation Page. See also Help: How to archive a talk page. What is it used for? NOTE: Using Wikipedia's talk pages ("talk cards") is recommended as a first step in resolving conflicts on Wikipedia. The purpose of the Wikipedia talk page is to help improve the content of the main page of the article, from an encyclopedic point of view. Questions, disputes, unrelated text (for example, due to significant confusion or bias), important arguments for changing the text and remarks on the main page - all this is considered acceptable. Wikipedians are generally opposed to using talk pages only for the purpose of representing certain views on the main topic. Wikipedia is not a speaker, it is an encyclopedia. In other words, talk about the article, not the topic. Only the habits we nurture prevent Wikipedia from turning into a forum or blog. See also: Wikipedia: Wikibonton. However, Wikipedians are just people, so it is completely natural to find some quarrels of supporters of various views on the talk pages - in some cases that even led to the improvement of the article! So there is a certain level of tolerance, and most Wikipedians fail to resist from time to time and still get into an argument. "Spamming" - sending similar messages to more than a few useful talk pages

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