Presidential elections in the Philippines in 2022.


May 20, 2022

Presidential elections were held in the Philippines on May 9, 2022. Under the 1987 Philippine constitution, current President Rodrigo Duterte was not eligible to run because he was limited to one term, while current Vice President Leni Robredo was eligible to run again, but instead chose to run for president. . The position of president and vice-president is chosen separately, so that the two winning candidates could come from different political parties. Bongbong Marcos and Sara Duterte led the preliminary vote with 58.8% and 61.1% of the vote for president and vice president, respectively. The Congress of the Philippines will meet at the end of May to determine the results and officially announce the winner of the election.

Electoral system

According to the 1987 Constitution, elections are held every six years after 1992, on the second Monday in May. The term of the current president is limited. The current vice president can run for two consecutive terms. The majority voting system is used to determine the winner: the candidate with the largest number of votes, regardless of whether one has a majority, wins the presidency. Vice-presidential elections are separate and held according to the same rules. If two or more candidates receive the most votes for any position, Congress will vote between them who will be president or vice president, as the case may be. Both winners will serve a six-year term beginning at noon on June 30, 2022 and ending on the same day, six years later.


The presidential candidates held their proclamation rallies on February 8, 2022, at the beginning of the campaign period for national positions. Before that, the ticket of Faisal Mangondat and Carlos Serapi had its prayer proclamation during the previous weekend in Bagi. The tandem of Marcos and Duterte started their campaign in the Philippine Arena in Bulacan. Robredo and Pangilinan held their rally in Plaza Quezon, Naga, Robredo's hometown, on February 8. Isko Moreno and Willy Ong began their campaign in Cartilla ng Katipunan in front of Manila's town hall. The tandem of Laxon and Soto held its proclamation gathering in Imus and Cavite, Laxon's hometown. Pacquiao and Athena started with