Prime Minister of Sweden


November 30, 2021

The Prime Minister is the Prime Minister of Sweden. Prior to the establishment of the post of Prime Minister in 1876, Sweden did not have a head of government separate from the head of state, ie the king, to whom executive power was assigned. Luis Gerhard De Ger, the architect behind the new bicameral parliament of 1866 that replaced the centuries-old Swedish parliament of Estates, became the first prime minister in 1876. The current prime minister of Sweden is Stefan Lofven, the leader of the Swedish Social Democratic Party. elected for a second term on January 18, 2019, even after he was replaced after the general elections on September 9, 2018. Unlike most prime ministers in parliamentary systems, the prime minister is both de jure and de facto executive director. This is because the instrument of government explicitly exercises executive power in a government whose president is the prime minister.


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