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August 11, 2022

The Kingdom of King Marko was a medieval Serbian state that existed from 1371 to 1395 in the southern Serbian areas west of the Vardara River. It was created immediately after the Battle of Marička (1371) and the death of the Serbian king Vukašin (1365-1371), when his son Marko, the then young king, assumed the title of the Serbian king, retaining power in the wider area between Skopje and Ohrid, centered in the area of ​​Pelagonija . Although Skopje came under the rule of Vuk Branković not long after, King Marko managed to retain power in the wider area around Prilep. Since his country was immediately threatened by the Turkish invasion, Marko had to accept vassal obligations to Sultan Murat I (1359-1389 ). Although Marko held the title of Serbian king, other regional rulers did not recognize his real authority, and in 1377 the very title of Serbian king received another bearer in the form of the then Bosnian ban Stefan Tvrtko I (1377-1391). During the following years, the Turks began to establish direct authority in the Vardar valley, and at the beginning of 1392, Skopje also fell into their hands, thus Marko's state found itself in Turkish territory and on the northern side. Although King Marko tried to fulfill his vassal obligations, his position became increasingly difficult. The state of King Mark with its capital in Prilep existed until his death in battle at Rovinj in the spring of 1395, after which the entire area was conquered by the Turks.

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Ivan Tomko Mrnavić (who also uses their coat of arms as his own, on his books) and the inhabitants of the village of Mrnjavci in today's Croatia referred to family ties with the Mrnjavčevićs, which was written about by Andrija Kačić Miošić, Šimun Milinović and others.

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