The war for Austrian heritage


May 21, 2022

The War of the Austrian Succession was fought between 1740 and 1748 between Prussia, Bavaria, Saxony, France, Spain, the Kingdom of Naples, Genoa, Palatinate, Cologne and Sweden, as well as Austria, Great Britain, the Netherlands, Hanover, Piedmont and Russia on the other hand. The sub-conflicts of the war include the King George War in North America, the Jenkins Ear War (which officially broke out on October 23, 1739), the First Carpathian War in India, and the First and Second Silesian Wars. Father Charles VI to inherit the Habsburg throne, as the Salian Code, which forbade women from inheriting the throne, was a convenient excuse used by Prussia and France to challenge the power of the Habsburgs. Austria was supported by Great Britain and the Netherlands, traditional enemies of France, as well as the Kingdom of Sardinia and the Principality of Saxony. France and Prussia were allied with the Principality of Bavaria. Spain, which had been at war with Britain over colonies and trade since 1739, entered the war in Europe to regain its influence in northern Italy, to undo the Austrian domination of the Apennine Peninsula that it had achieved to the detriment of Spain as a result of the War. for Spanish heritage in the early 18th century. The war ended with the Peace of Aachen in 1748.


After the death of the Austrian Emperor Charles VI, Prussia, Spain, Bavaria and Saxony made hereditary claims to Austrian lands. King Frederick II the Great of Prussia demanded Silesia and on December 17, 1740, with an army of 27,000 soldiers, he invaded the province. Thus began the First Silesian War, which is one of the sub-conflicts of the War for Austrian Heritage. Austria was surprised by that war. It had only 7,000 soldiers in Silesia, and its standing army (108,000 people) was deployed throughout the entire monarchy. In the winter, Austria began gathering troops. 25,000 people gathered in the Czech Republic and Moravia; 14-18,000 soldiers from the Military Border and Banska Hrvatska were secured every year.

Creating coalitions

In the spring of next year, Austria will start war operations against Prussia. Field Marshal Wilhelm Nyperg set out from Moravia via Nis to Silesia with 9,000 infantry and 8,000 cavalry. The Prussians defeated him in the battle of Molvice (April 1