January 27, 2022

Raçak is a village in the municipality of Štimlje in Kosovo and Metohija. Atar settlement is located on the territory of the cadastral municipality of Racak with an area of ​​443 ha. The settlement was considered a stronghold of the KLA. In the summer of 1998, due to constant fighting between the KLA and Yugoslav security forces, most of the population had already left the village. At the time of the Racak case (January 15, 1999), there were only about 400 inhabitants in the village. The village of Racak is located at the exit from the Crnoljeva gorge, near Stimlje. In written documents, the village is mentioned in 1343 and 1345, in the charters of the Serbian king and emperor Stefan Dušan. According to the Turkish defter from 1487, there was a monastery of St. in the village. Doctors. Above the village are the remains of the foundations of the church from the 14th century, which the locals think was dedicated to St. Doctors. The church is protected by law as an important monument of Serbian culture. Demography The settlement has an Albanian ethnic majority. Number of inhabitants on the censuses: 1948 census: 613 1953 census: 675 1961 census: 865 1971 census: 1092 1981 census: 1464 1991 census: 1766

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